Letters to God two by Jane Pinney


      Letters to God was published Christmas Day, 2013, and is available through Amazon.com  in print and Kindle. Letters to God two  and License to Kill  were published in May 2014  and are available in print and Kindle. Beneath the Volcano  was published in July 2014 and is available in print and Kindle.Warrior for God was published in April 2015 and is  available on Amazon.com in print and Kindle. Woman of God was published in August 2015 and  is also  available in print and Kindle.



My prayer for 2016

 ....that Americans will return to their heavenly Father.

.... that my children come to know God as I know Him and spend eternity with their true and only Father, Adonai. 

Shabbat Shalom,

​Jane Pinney